Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Backyard

As promised, I ventured out to get pictures of the backyard and the back of the house.  The sun was beautiful this evening.

The back of the house:

The patio is really lovely.  It also has a nice view of the nearly the whole yard, and it's covered.  
It'll be an amazing brunch spot.

We also have an exciting storm cellar which will come in handy if I get into canning...

The yard was a little big to capture in one picture, so I took the first picture from outside our side door, and the rest from every corner of the backyard looking back toward the house.

You can see where the butternut tree was. 
The garden is likely to go here, it gets sun all day. 

 Because I love the big tree, I took a couple more pics of it.  Unfortunately it lost a number of branches in the big storm (that stole my butternut tree) but it's still beautiful.

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