Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kitchen - pre move in

When we were looking at the pictures of the farmhouse online (before we bought it), it looked like the kitchen *might* be decent. The previous owner's pictures didn't do the kitchen justice - it's AMAZING.
(On the whole, the pictures didn't do the farmhouse justice. We were REALLY skeptical about even coming to look at the place.)

There is a 22,000 BTU 6-burner BlueStar range, in-wall Electrolux convection oven, and a cabinet-matching Bosch dishwasher.
Not to mention the awesome vent hood (perfect for when you're cooking Korean BBQ at home).

Unfortunately... there was a wildly UNMATCHING KITCHEN ISLAND. Apparently its the vogue thing to do these days?
On the whole though, can't complain.

The cabinetry is custom and from New Hampshire:

The stove is big and lovely:

This is where we've put the table:

Slightly awkwardly in front of the HVAC, a little storage closet and a really old phone, but what can you do?

The kitchen (well the whole house really) boasts the original (pine?) floors.
For the most part they really have a lot of charm.
For the most part...

At some point we will have to do something about the painted plywood mend job where the kitchen and the mudroom meet.