Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Living room - pre move in

When we moved in, we didn't get power for 2 days. Apparently the previous owner did a hard shut off of the electricity instead of a transfer, so that was a shame. It cut back on what we could do for the first couple of days, and how much we wanted to be in the house. It was hot!

Nonetheless, MOST of the house gets amazing natural light (except for the living room, which is dark as a cave because of the roof over the front patio that blocks incoming light from the windows into the living room). So I took some pictures while the house was still empty.

Here is the living room - there is a really pretty archway going into the kitchen:

Here is the rest of the living room. The inset is a chimney, which I believe was used in the past with a wood stove. Someday I'd like to take down the drywall and expose the chimney.
I'd like to do the same with the fireplace in the guest bedroom... There is also a window, but I didn't take a picture of it.

We have a pretty bannister on the stairs too:

The stairs, however, could use a little bit of cosmetic help. There used to be a runner... the paint is dingy... but one day they'll be amazing:

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