Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kitchen - post move in, pre-painting

The kitchen is big, and there was basically a whole wall empty of cabinetry. So we decided to fill it. With cute stuffs.

We found this wine rack/wine glass holder for cheap at HomeGoods. We don't drink a lot of wine, but the rustic metal and weathered wood embodied the 'industrial farmhouse' style we are going for
and we couldn't pass it up.
Throw in a few shower curtain hooks from BB&B, and voila!
A perfect 'industrial farmhouse' pot rack.

We also got this wooden shelf at HomeGoods. Ideally, this is the kind of thing we would make ourselves, but we're not there yet.
I'm obsessed with the idea of using wooden pallets to make things.
But for now, this will do.

I absolutely fell in love with this vintage lunch box at an estate sale (we went for an old trunk). Clint let me buy it. Actually, he bought it for me. <3

We also had to buy a microwave:

And awesomely, Clint got this cast iron skillet for free, as an anniversary gift with his company. Woot!

Nothing says country kitchen like a cast iron skillet!