Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Man down! (or tree, rather)

Well, the recent storm ruthlessly stole from me one of the farmhouse's treasures - a mature butternut tree. :( Words cannot express my disappointment. I had already looked up butternut ice cream recipes and was getting really excited to harvest nuts!
But alas... the winds were too strong I guess.

Clint contemplates the tree situation. In this angle, the tree doesn't look that big. But really, it is quite big. It's just downhill from Clint, which ruins the perspective.

Aside from the obvious pain of losing my ability to harvest this rare nut (it's related to the walnut), we have to pay a lot of money to have the thing professionally removed... as you can see, it was a very big tree.

At this point, mid-July, the tree has been taken down and cut up and is sitting in our yard... but so far the tree company still hasn't returned to remove the stump or take away the huge sections of tree that are left. But, they haven't charged us either, and (not so) secretly I hope they forget about it and don't come back!

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