Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Painting the Hallway and Hanging Wedding Photos

Next up on the painting to-do list was the
upstairs stairwell / hallway.

I couldn't find any good 'before' pictures for the hallway painting, so they must have been included in the pics
I lost when my computer died.  :(

However, the lack of 'before' pictures isn't 
really major loss since the hallway area was pretty lame
(seen here in my Replacing Grossness with Lovely Carpet! post)
It was pretty dirty and painted some routine (boring) version of off white, which you can see in this picture of this ugly pine dresser adorned by the lovely Bear Bear!

We painted this dresser - I will be posting on that soon too, but you can see a sneak peak of the finished product below!
While painting is no amazing feat, I am consistently
impressed with how much, and how quickly, it changes an area.  And of all the painting we have done in the house, 
I think I like the hallway color we chose the best.  
It's a soft and creamy taupe... and makes me feel like our hallway is a serene coffee shop. :) I really like the way it coordinates with the carpet too!

After painting, we were finally inspired to hang
this super cute set of picture frames that we got at
Pier 1. We purchased these frames with a gift card we received from our friends Jamie and Michelle at our engagement party.
We absolutely love the antiqued window pane style, 
they are perfect for an old farmhouse!

(I have to admit that the frames sat hung on the wall empty for several months, but we finally got some wedding pics in them!)