Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ahhhh!!! I must start posting again!

Oh my gosh, my last post was Oct 7 2012 -- I haven't posted in over 1 year!  SO MUCH has happened in just this 1 year that it's really unforgivable that I haven't posted any of it... haha. 

With every new thing we've done, I've been meaning and meaning to catch up on posts but couldn't manage to get it done. It didn't help that at some point in the last year my computer died and I lost a lot of photos... but I'll see what I can do with what remains!  Some of the catch-up posts to come include: painting more rooms, carpeting upstairs, painting some furniture, planting trees, building garden boxes, our wedding, and maybe more! We've also started a whole new round of home renovation projects, so I can't wait to catch up on old posts so I can start on some current posts!  Yay!

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