Friday, October 25, 2013

Living Room Painting Complete!

If there's anything that can make a house feel 
new(er) almost instantly, it's painting. 
And we've set out to paint nearly the whole house.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but the previous owner had like a gazillion kids (and by a gazillion 
I mean like 4, all under age 7 or 8)  
and the walls all over the house were pretty dingy.

You may remember that I painted an accent wall in the living room (see here: Living Room Updates) but I did actually go ahead and paint the rest of the room as well.  I only rushed to get the accent wall painted first so I could get all the picture frames up on the wall and out of boxes post move-in.

The accent wall was a mauve-ish pink, and so for the rest of the living room, I chose a light peachy color.
As usual, it was the Behr Ultra Premium Plus.
Personally I loved the way the colors went together!

First wall down.  You can see the contrast from
the unpainted left wall behind the TV.
In this natural-light photo you can see that
the color is actually quite light.
The peach is fairly subtle, but I love the way it complements both the pink of the accent wall as well as the brown and
white of the stairs.

The color looks more yellow at night in artificial lighting,
but it matches the top of our painting perfectly, hehe.
It's also the perfect background for that Bear Bear!

 I love the peach color against the white and brown of the stairs so much that I thought about taking the peach color up the stairs beneath the moulding, but I held off for now.
We'll see what Clint thinks and maybe we'll do it eventually...