Tuesday, May 6, 2014

38+ Weeks and A Finished Nursery!

     Well, apparently it has been forever since I did a pregnancy post - 10 weeks ago on Feb 17!!! - and my belly on my last pregnancy post was still so tiny...  And the nursery was still a complete mess filled with bathroom junk!  Fortunately, much has changed in the last 10 weeks, so it's time for some good updates.

Baby Belly

     At about the 31 week mark, I decided to change practices for my maternity care and went from a hospital based midwivery unit (Signature OBGYN) to a birth-center based midwivery group (Special Beginnings).  I was really interested in the option of a waterbirth, and hoping for an environment that would be as conducive as possible to a natural and drug free experience.  One thing that happened with the switch was that Special Beginnings reassessed my due date and pushed it back from May 11 to May 16.  Kind of sad, hehe.  While I'm not a *completely* miserable pregnant lady yet, I am excited to meet Walden and super curious about what he will look like!

     As I was just uploading photos for this post, I *did* find one previously unpublished belly photo from between the Feb 17 post and now, and interestingly I wore the exact same outfit as yesterday. The growth comparison is clear.  :)  The left was taken at ~33 weeks on March 26, and the right was taken at 38.5 weeks yesterday (May 5).  Clearly, my belly has gotten GIANT.  I'm not sure why Walden would want to stay in those cramped quarters any longer! 


Nursery Updates

     The bathroom is basically complete with just a couple of really minor touches left (post coming soon!), so with that done we have recently had a lot of time to dedicate toward finishing up the nursery and getting the house ready for Walden's (hopefully imminent) arrival.  Perhaps I've been nesting because the last couple of weeks I've been on a huge push to get things done, but I'm feeling relieved that things are starting to come together!

     Neither Clint nor myself wanted a very fancily decorated or uber-themed nursery for Walden.  We originally painted the nursery very early (before we knew Walden was going to be a boy), so we picked the gender neutral tan/brown palette and figured we'd just try to make the room look nice.  At long last, after finding out Walden was a boy and naming him (dually inspired by the book Walden and my love for Wall-E), we decided we'd do a very very slight Wall-E/space theme for the room.  This was also fitting with Clint's love of astronomy.  Here's how it turned out: 

I think that Bear Bear thinks the changing pad is for him...

     On the whole, the room is pretty simple but it does have some cute space and Wall-E elements, many of which were gifts to Walden from Clint's mom!  For Christmas she gifted us the beautiful quilt hanging on the crib, and for our baby shower she got us this super cute Wall-E piggy bank and light switch holder.


     She also got us this awesome planets mobile and some matching fabric that I used to make my very first fitted crib sheet with my sewing machine.


     We also found these nifty minimalist Wall-E art posters on Etsy. They were the perfect color scheme for a brown toned Wall-E nursery.

     And lastly, we are borrowing this amazing antique armoire that has been in Donna's family.  It's gorgeous, and is the perfect spot to keep all of my childhood stuffed animals that will soon belong to baby Walden.  :)

     Though it's nothing fancy, we are happy with the way it turned out and hope that Walden will love it too!

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