Monday, February 17, 2014

28 Week Baby Post!

Today is officially the third trimester and 28 weeks - woo!
Just ~12 weeks to go!

While we're still not great about taking routine
baby belly photos, I did manage to get some at the 27 & 28 week marks.  Look at that belly grow!  I feel like it's giant now
and I know I still have a long ways to go...
27 weeks
28 weeks

One exciting development that has emerged in the last 4
weeks was that we finally agreed on a name for baby Davis!
YAY!  Drumroll please...

We'll be excited to be welcoming:

made with love using the Babylock Sofia2
sewing/embroidery machine

(I temporarily owned a sewing/embroidery machine
and went to town on some onesies adding baby Walden's
name and Seahawks logos, hehe.  I've since traded that machine
in for a sewing/quilting machine, so sadly no more machine
embroidery for me.  I am, however, really interested
in developing my free-hand embroidery skills.)

Lastly, around the 24 week mark I went in for
what was probably my last ultrasound, (hopefully) barring
any 3rd trimester complications.

So, we got some 3d/4d pictures of baby Walden.
Generally I've heard these photos don't look great before
30 weeks or so because the babies don't start fattening up until around the 26 week mark.  Nonetheless - here's a small glimpse
of what skinny baby Walden looks like... it'll be
exciting to see how he looks when he's born!

So for those of you creeped out by 3d/4d ultrasounds...

(I know they're pretty creepy!)

Hehe, for those of you who AREN'T creeped out 
by 3d/4d photos, or can't contain your curiosity - 
here he is!


I dunno if he looks much like me or Clint yet - 
but I do see a very noticeable resemblance to my Dad!!
I guess Walden does have some Fontaine blood in him.

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