Sunday, January 12, 2014

23 Week Baby Post!

Tomorrow is officially 23 weeks for my pregnancy, so I figured it was time for an update!

We haven't progressed at all with the nursery as we're still working on the bathroom (more on that soon!), but we have started collecting the first few baby items we'll need and we have learned the gender of baby nugget!

While I haven't been good about taking baby bump pictures with any level of consistency... I do have 3.  :)  Apparently I mostly like to do it on holidays as the first 2 were taken on halloween and Christmas, respectively. Then I took one this morning since I think the change from Christmas is far more noticeable than halloween to Christmas!  What a difference 2 and half weeks makes!  Today's picture includes a lovely cameo appearance from my current baby, Puff, who demanded attention, haha.

Oct 31, 2013 - 12 wks 3 days
Dec 25, 2013 - 20 wks 2 days
Jan 12, 2014 - 22 wks 6 days
When I look at the photos now I can't even tell why I felt that I needed maternity clothes at 12 weeks - but at the time I did feel the need to start modifying my wardrobe.  I do remember feeling really bloated, so maybe that made my normal go-to jeans uncomfortable.  

This was my first attempt at 'non-maternity' maternity clothing - back when I didn't really have a bump and I still felt cute, haha. I started by just buying loose clothing - like this 16 dollar sweater from TJ Maxx in 2 sizes larger than normal, and really stretchy yoga pants.  The sweater was a great investment though - I can still wear it 11 weeks later, I just have more of a bump underneath!

But really, who cares about me???  

Most importantly - here's a couple key sonograms of baby nugget. I haven't gotten a 3d/4d one or anything (which is okay by me because I think they're a little creepy looking tbh), but hopefully these normal ones will do.

baby nugget waves!
Baby nugget's face @ 14 weeks

it's a ...
Baby nugget's bottom @ 19 weeks

Now that we know baby nugget is a boy, we've been hard at work trying to think of names that we like - but are getting nowhere fast.  We had a list of girl names we both thought were dandy, but these boy names are a bit tougher.  Not even born yet and mr. baby nugget is already causing strife in the marriage!!

But, whatever mr. baby nugget ends up being named, he will be dressed for success with this awesome Christmas present from Clint's parents!  Yay!


Till the next update I'll just keep brainstorming names... 
Russell Wilson Davis, Marshawn Lynch Davis, Richard Sherman Davis...


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